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Rainmaker's Kachina Dolls 2


Hopi Nation: Lee Lacapa Tutumsi Kachina Doll 13" including base, $700.00


Hardwood Carving of a Maiden by Ed Boomer, circa 1980's, $12,000.00


Hopi Nation: Tubby Pahona Wupamo Kachina Doll 14" including base, $700.00



wpe80.gif (26428 bytes) Hopi Nation: Angak'china- (Long-Haired Kachina Doll) 10" height by Augustine Komalestewa, $650.00




Hopi Nation: Hawee Fermin Sowi'ingwkatsina Kachina (Deer Kachina), 12" including base, $600.00



  Hopi Nation: Tino Youvella Ho'o'te Kachina Doll 10" including base, $750.00



Hopi Nation: L.Tangovia Monongya Kachina Doll, 7.5", $500.00


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