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Rainmaker's Jewelry 2

Old Pawn Bracelet: Navajo Nation Bracelet with raised and inset Turquoise  with Silver Nuggets, circa 1920, $900.00


wpe6F.gif (26957 bytes) Pawn: Unique Gamblers Matching Belt Buckle & Tissot Watch with Bracelet, Silver & Turquoise, $2500.00



Old Pawn Bracelet: Zuni Nation Bracelet depicting Sunrays with Silver & Turquoise settings, circa 1920, $1600.00


Feb15_06.gif (32623 bytes) Ken Welch Navajo Nation: Cuff Bracelet, Silver & Turquoise SOLD



wpe7B.gif (92474 bytes) Pawn Bola Ties: Left $235.00,  Right $260.00



Apr22_10.jpg (18913 bytes) Old Pawn Belt Buckle: Museum quality sand caste with Silver & a center mounted Turquoise Nugget, $550.00



wpeD.gif (52311 bytes) SOLD




wpe92.gif (56795 bytes) Old Pawn Belt Buckle: Oval shaped with center mounted Turquoise nugget, 3" x 2.5" Buckle, $550.00



Bracelet: Navajo Nation Bracelet Silver & Turquoise three supporting bands, wire wrapped nugget circa 1950, $575.00



  Bracelet: Navajo Nation Bracelet beautifully decorated Silver with a unique cut Turquoise nugget circa 1950, $650.00



Bracelet: 3 Turquoise nuggets set in Silver bezels with heart shaped shadow boxes & two Silver supporting bands, circa 1950, $485.00



wpe10.gif (51842 bytes) Pawn Bracelet: Tommy Joe Silversmith, Silver with interlocking Sunrays & Cloud formations, $350.00






Old Pawn Bracelet: Ten graduated elliptical Turquoise stones with sunburst silver nuggets & twisted wire wrapped settings, circa 1950, $1725.00



Pawn Bracelet: Silver with large Turquoise stone enclosed with a combination nugget & wire wrapped bezel with eight supporting bands, designed for a special person, circa 1960, $1550.00



Zuni Nation Belt Buckle: Effie Calavaza Silversmith, Turquoise, Coral & Silver with two Serpents that have Turquoise eyes, Museum quality, $1750.00






wpe13.gif (56810 bytes) Old Pawn Bracelet: Silver and Turquoise, image in the stone appears to be a tree, with Feathers, a Bell and three supporting bands, museum quality circa 1950, $685.00



Old Pawn Bracelet: Silver Bracelet with sand caste snowflake design, $385.00



Pawn Silver Bracelet: Cuff bracelet design includes Medicine Rock, Clouds, Mesa, Lighting, Water, $485.00



wpe14.gif (29779 bytes) Old Pawn Bracelet: Silver & Turquoise and a cracked stone, ca.1940 $265.00



Silver Belt Buckle: Museum quality depicting 2 Flute players, Keeper of the flames, The Mesa, Arrows, Moon, Serpents, adorned with Turquoise , Jet, Quartz & Red Jasper, makers hallmark, 3.75" x 2",SOLD


wpe15.gif (40326 bytes) Old Pawn: Silver & Turquoise Bracelet set in wire wrapped antique type bezels with clouds, circa.1940, $670.00

Items in the private collection are of historical or cultural significance. Purchase negotiations and viewing arrangements may be made by E-mailing the Rainmaker.


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