Rainmaker's Pottery 2


wpe18.gif (31254 bytes) Two Black Plates 5" diameter each with similar design, Signed Marie & Santana, Circa 1930 Display Only



Hopi Nation: Gertrude Adams First Mesa large First Place Show Winner, 9" x 4", $3500.00


Native American Clay Pipe; the bowl is 1" in diameter, the stem is 2.75" long, circa early 1900's, purchased in Taos, NM in 1986, $150.00


  Acoma Nation: Large 4 colored pot, circa mid 1800's, $3500.00


wpe7D.gif (16747 bytes) Zia Nation: Kathy Pino has a fine traditionally decorated Pot, 5.25" " 6", $550.00



Acoma Nation Wedding Vase: Late 1800's - Early 1900's with small Chips on the spouts and a minor crack, in consideration of age and preservation this item is an extremely rare Museum quality collectible, SOLD



wpe80.gif (19441 bytes) Santa Ana Nation: Wedding Vase with small chips on the inside rim, 5.25" x 5.5" $525.00



wpe80.gif (24457 bytes) Santa Clara Nation: Vickie Martinez beautifully incised Black Jar exquisite Museum quality 5" x 7.25", $3300.00



  San Juan Nation: Bowl early 20th Century 4" x 1.75" $125.00----Maricopa Nation: Cup early 20th Century 2.5" x 2" $150.00


Navajo Nation: Betty Manygoats produced this pot with it's unique design 3.75"x 2.75", $$275.00


Navajo Nation: Betty Manygoats Wedding Vase with Toad Rain clouds on the side, 9"x5.5", $580.00



Santa Clara Nation: Gwen Tafoya large black incised pot intricately designedwith Water Serpents collectible, 12" x 7.5", $900.00



Apr28_02.jpg (15188 bytes) Seed Bowl: Private Collection


Jemez Nation: Donna L.Ortiz, friendship pot with four people looking in the Kiva, decorations including Stairs, Rain clouds, Plants, Moon, 7.5" x 6.5", $335.00



Acoma Nation: Andrea Corpuiz Canteen Pot, 6.5" x 5", $275.00



Hopi Nation: Marti & Elvira Nampeyo Carved Seed Pot, 4" x 4", $675.00



Hopi Nation: Marti & Elvira Nampeyo Carved Seed Pot, 5" x 4.5", $850.00


Edwina Tosa Tortalita: Jemez Nation Wedding Vase,  SOLD

Gwen Tafoya: Santa Clara Nation large black incised design, SOLD

Vickie Martinez Santa Clara Nation,  SOLD


Acoma Nation: Brenda Charlie 3 colored Pot, 6.5" x 5.5" $360.00


Acoma Nation: Brenda Charlie 3 colored Pot, 7" x 5.75" $400.00



Jemez Nation: Edwina Tosa Tortalita Pot with raised outline of Corn Plant one side,       4" x 4.5", $550.00


Zia Nation: Sofia Medina traditionally designed pot with the Mesa & characteristic bird (Road Runner),  9.5" x 8.5", $750.00


Santa Clara Nation: Vickie Martinez, Tan on Black combination depicting Water Serpents that is unique, 5.5" x 4.75", $425


  Santa Clara Nation: Anna Archuleta, museum quality carved pot with Bear Claws & Feathers, 5.5" x 5.5", $1200.00.  Vase has a graceful body shape with exquisite characteristics from this artist,  5.5" x 9", $1050.00.



Acoma Nation: SOLD



Jemez Nation: W. Baca, Wedding Vase with etched Hummingbird on both sides pollinating the flower, 12" x 6", $1260.00


Acoma Nation: Old coiled Acoma Canteen, circa late 1800's - early 1900's with off white background with terracotta black and brown designs rare Museum quality collectors item, 7" x 5.5", $18,500.00


Santo Domingo Nation: Helen Bird, Black stone polished pot, 4"x 3.5", $800.00



Santo Domingo Nation: Helen Bird , Black stone polished pot with top cover, 4" x 5.25", $1850.00


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